Write and not die trying

On Thursday, November 11, the Arte Hotel Lobby and Rutina Cafe were the perfect space for four female authors to tell us a little about what it meant to write for them. To introduce us to their new literary projects, which were also their first.

Nicole Niego, author and illustrator of “Milandia, Hadas y Princesas de mi reino interior”, Anais Lalombiz author of “La Practicante”, Antonella Carbajal author of “Vulnerable” and Mimi Burstein author of “Baul Chino”. The authors shared with everyone present the process that each of them went through, from the idea, the doubts, the emotions, the edition, the illustration, the printing, the launch, the sale and the incredible connection that they have been creating with your readers.

It was a discussion full of a lot of honesty, vulnerability and a desire for entrepreneurship. A pleasant, and fun atmosphere was created that finally gave space for the sale and signatures of their copies.

Thanks to them and to those who accompanied us on this enriching night. We hope to have many more like this and continue to be a space open to art and culture.

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